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North by Northamptonshire: Episode 4 (BBC Radio...
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The fourth and final episode of North by Northamptonshire, a BBC Radio 4 comedy-drama series with a stunning cast, including Sheila Hancock, Mackenzie Crook, Penelope Wilton, Felicity Montagu, and Kevin Eldon, about a small town in the middle of Northamptonshire as it prepares for a talent night. Originally broadcast at 11:30 on 7 July 2010. It´s Town Talent Night at last, and Ken and Keith are busy fine-tuning their pet whippets´ dance routine. Everyone nervously awaits the arrival of the celebrity judge Lady Ballantyne, who is unfortunately in the spotlight for being the most recent Royal racist. Jan does her last-minute preparations for her trip to Australia. Will she be going alone or could she possibly dare to dream that Jonathan might join her at the last minute? And finally supermarket manager Rod (Mackenzie Crook) gets to take Tanya from till 4 on a date. The true measure of success will be how many packets of scampi fries they consume. Will it be just the one? Or perhaps too many to count? North by Northamptonshire is a clever, funny, and touching series starring Sheila Hancock as the narrator, Mackenzie Crook as Rod, Penelope Wilton as Mary, Felicity Montagu as Jan, and Kevin Eldon as Jonathan. Also featured amongst the cast are the series´ writer Katherine Jakeways, John Biggins, Rufus Wright, and Sam Cotton. Produced by Claire Jones. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sheila Hancock, Mackenzie Crook. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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