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Last-Minute Love (Year of the Chick series) als...
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Last-Minute Love (Year of the Chick series): Romi Moondi

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Keto Diet for Beginners: The Ultimate Meal Plan...
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What if the keto diet didn’t have to be dry chicken and soggy broccoli? Looking for delicious keto-friendly recipes you can batch prepare...ones that save you both time and money? All without needing expensive kitchen equipment like $600 sous vide machines?You’ve come to the right place.You see, meal prepping is an easy way to stay on track with your diet. In fact, leading nutrition advisor Mike Roussell, PhD, states that meal prepping is the one of the biggest factors in maintaining a long-term healthy eating plan.´´When you prep meals ahead of time, you don’t need to make any decisions at meal time. All the work has already been done. You just need to eat.”Even if it looks complicated at first, it’s dead simple once you get into the swing of things. Plus, it can save you up to four hours a week and can shave up to $100 off your grocery bill.So, whether you’re a bodybuilder on a cut, trying to lose a few extra pounds before summer, or just want a way to eat healthy that doesn’t involve slaving away in the kitchen after work...then we’ve got you covered.In this audiobook, you will discover:The 10 biggest meal-prep mistakes - and how to avoid themHow to batch cook with no fancy equipmentThe eight items you must have in your pantry to whip up a delicious last-minute keto-friendly mealHow to ensure your meals taste just as good on day three and fourNine emergency keto-friendly meals you can get at popular fast food chains (great if you’re out and have no other choice)One food you’ll always find listed on keto websites that isn´t actually keto friendly (eating this ´´keto killer” is a surefire way to slow your fat loss)How to save up to $100 a week from your grocery shopThe ´´marathon method” that helps you stay on track and hit your health and fitness goalsHow to properly and effectively store your food (just 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matt Assel. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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