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15-Minute Meals: An Everyday Cookbook of 140 Ta...
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Get your hands on a massive collection of delicious recipes that are quick & easy to cook (perfect for busy moms & workers)! Imagine always having quick & easy recipes on-hand (even when you´re super busy) to create tasty home-cooked meals for yourself, your partner, and your family! What if you could create incredibly delicious meals in just 15 minutes (that taste so good everyone will think you spent hours in the kitchen)? Olivia Rogers, a multi-time best-selling cookbook writer and influencer, presents the most popular and best-selling ´´express cookbook´´ on Amazon, which includes a compilation of tasty recipes that require only 15-20 minutes of cooking time. Every recipe used was a favorite by her 10,000+ readers and fans! If you are super busy and struggle to find the time to cook dinner every night... If you wish you could spend less time in the kitchen cooking, but still make delicious meals... Or if you enjoy cooking and want to try something different but not spend hours in the kitchen... Then this book is for you! In this book, you will get: A massive list of recipes within different cuisines that are healthy and delicious. Comprehensive step-by-step instructions for each recipe, so that anyone can follow along (even if you have never been in the kitchen before). A full list of all ingredients required before you start and also tips to improve the meal nutrition and taste. Olivia´s personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions. And much, much more. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this audiobook today! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Patricia Figuccio. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Paw Patrol Radiowecker mit Projektion und Nacht...
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Paw Patrol Wecker mit Radiofunktion und Projektor, der auf Knopfdruck die Zeit an die Decke projeziert! Per Druck auf die Chase & Marshall Figur können 3 tolle Soundeffekte angehört werden. Ein Druck auf den Boden aktiviert ein gemütliches Nachtlicht für 15 Minuten. Features: - Drücke den Knopf ´´Project´´ um die Uhrzeit an die Decke zu projizieren! - Entdecke 3 Soundeffekte beim Drücken der Chase & Marshall Figuren - Ein Druck auf den Boden lässt ein gemütliches Nachtlicht für 15 Minuten ertönen - inkl. Radio - Digitale Uhrzeitangabe auf dem LC-Bildschirm - Wecker mit Schlummerfunktion - Weckergeräusch: Paw Patrol Sound oder Radio - Batteriebedarf: 4x Micro/LR06/AA (nicht enthalten) Unsere Entsorgungshinweise zu Batterien und Elektrogeräten finden Sie auf

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