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Hart of Dixie (Hot from the US) - Should´ve Bee...
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Zoe and Joel finally buy a house, but soon realize neither of them make enough money to fix up the place. Brick agrees to help Zoe out but only if she can get the townspeople to lose 500 pounds collectively for Health and Wellness Month. Joel is struggling with his novel and decides to follow Wade around for research, but when Wade leaves Joel to alone to run the bar, Joel finds himself in some trouble. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth struggles to mask her feelings by throwing a last-minute bachelorette party for a friend.

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Sexy Berkeley: Sexy Series, Book 1 , Hörbuch, D...
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A long-distance relationship with a hot American businessman is the last thing on Beatrice Hart´s mind when she drink-books a last-minute flight to glamorous Southern California. With Bea´s firm belief that long distance never works, will she ever consider that an exhilarating introduction at 35,000 feet could lead to anything more than a steamy holiday romance? Daniel Berkeley is the irresistible, delectable, smoking-hot bachelor determined to make it happen. 1. Language: English. Narrator: MacAllister Lee - Punch Audio. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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